ANATOMY OF DECEIT - Jerry Blaskovich, M.D.


Table of Contents


Chapter 1: My rude awakening: December 15, 1991

Chapter 2: Legend-Induced Paranoia of the Serbs and the Hits and Myths of the Croats

Chapter 3: The Road to Vocin

Chapter 4: What Happened in Vocin

Chapter 5: Post Mortems of Slaughter: The Autopsies

Chapter 6: The Devastation of Osijek and the Smoldering Ashes of Vukovar

Chapter 7: The Media Deception

Chapter 8: Into the Maelstrom

Chapter 9: The Infant Democracy's First Steps

Chapter 10: Physicians, Leaders by Default

Chapter 11: Conflicts of Interest

Chapter 12: Croatia’s growing pains

Chapter 13: Bleeding Bosnia

Chapter 14: Peace for Our Time?




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Copyright© 1997 by Jerry Blaskovich


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Blaskovich, Jerry, 1934-


Anatomy of deceit : an American physician’s first-hand encounter with the realities of the war in Croatia / Jerry Blaskovich




ISBN: 0-935016-24-4


1. Blaskovich, Jerry, 1934-

2. Yugoslav War, --Croatia.

3. Yugoslav War, 1991- TT –Atrocities

4. Yugoslav War, 1991- Personal narratives, American

5. Physicians –United States Biography.



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Anatomy of Deceit is respectfully dedicated to the countless dead and the survivors of genocide taking place in former Yugoslavia and all victims everywhere of misguided nationalism.




To the editors with the courage to publish reporters stories that were contrary to the State Department's political agenda.