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Journal of Croatian Studies, XXIV, 1983, – Annual Review of the Croatian Academy of America, Inc. New York, N.Y., Electronic edition by Studia Croatica, by permission. All rights reserved by the Croatian Academy of America.

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ANTE KADIČ, Professor of Slavic languages and literatures, Indiana University, Bloomington; special field: South Slavic literatures. Published books: Croatian Reader with Vocabulary, 2nd ed., 1960; Contemporary Croatian Literature, 1960; Contemporary Serbian Literature, 1964; From Croatian Renaissance to Yugoslav Socialism, 1969 (All these books were published by Mouton, The Hague, Holland); The Tradition of Freedom in Croatian Literature, a collection of essays (Bloomington, Indiana, 1983); Domovinska riječ (Message from the Homeland, Barcelona, 1978) and Iseljena Hrvatska (The Emigre Croatia, Chicago, 1979). He has ready for publication the second and third volume of Domovinska riječ. He also edited together with prof. Eekman a symposium on Križanić, 1974. He has contributed articles and reviews in Slavic Review, London Slavonic Review, Slavic and East European Journal, Journal of Croatian Studies, Croatia Press, Hrvatska revija and Hrvatski glas. He participates regularly with his contributions at the meetings of American Slavists and the International Congresses of Slavic scholars. He is member of various professional organizations.


MAY LEWIS (1878-1976), born in an old New York family, started writing rather late in life. She wrote poems and reviews and essays about poetry and was widely published in magazines. She is the author of two books: Red Drumming in the Sun, published by Knopf, and Prospects for Several Ways, a collection of her poems. She met Meštrović in New York in 1924 and liked his work so much as to write this poem.


MATTHEW MEŠTROVIĆ, 53, is the son of sculptor Ivan Meštrović. Matthew left Croatia in 1942, with his parents, and spent the following years in Italy and Switzerland. In 1947, he came with his father and mother to the U.S., did undergraduate work and earned a M.A. in history from Syracuse University, where his father was sculptor in residence till 1955. Matthew received a Ph.D. in Modern European History from Columbia University in 1957. From 1954 to 1956, he served in the PsyWar branch of the U.S. Army, in North Carolina and Hawaii. For a decade after completing his studies, Matthew Meštrović worked in journalism, for three years as a Contributing Editor of Time. Since 1967, he has been teaching in the History and Political Science Department of Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey, where he is a full professor. Matthew Meštrović is the author of two textbooks, has edited several volumes, and has written numerous articles on political subjects for popular magazines, newspapers and scholarly journals. Currently he is the President of the Executive Committee of the Croatian National Congress, a world-wide political organization supporting Croat independence.


KARLO MIRTH, Manager of Research Information Center, Foster Wheeler Corporation, Livingston, N.J., has master's degrees in engineering from the University of Zagreb and in library science from Columbia University. He was president of the Croatian Academy of America (1958-1968) and is managing editor of the Journal of Croatian Studies and publisher of Croatia Press.


MICHAEL MULNIX, Assistant to the Chancellor at the University of Alaska-Juneau, has worked as a journalist and free-lance writer for a number of years. He is currently working on an advanced degree at the University of Notre Dame.


ANTUN NIZETEO, author, poet, and translator, born in Croatia, he worked at Fordham, Columbia and Cornell University libraries. He is one of the founders of the Croatian Academy of America, and president of the Croatian international publishing house ZIRAL (Chicago, Rome, Zürich).


JOSEPH E. O'CONNOR, was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1937. He was an undergraduate student in history at the University of Notre Dame during the years Ivan Meštrović taught there, receiving his B.A. from Notre Dame in 1959. In 1968 he received his Ph.D. in Russian History from the University of Virginia. He is currently an Associate Professor of History at Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio, and is working on a biography of Meštrović.


DEAN A. PORTER, received his degrees from the State University of New York at Binghamton, B.A., 1961; M.A. 1966; Ph.D., 1974. He has been at the University of Notre Dame since 1966 as curator of collections from 1966 to 1973 and director of The Snite Museum of Art from 1974 to the present. He has organized two exhibitions on Meštrović, 1974 and 1983, and has written catalogues for both. Porter has also lectured extensively on Meštrović.


BOGDAN RADITSA (RADICA), Professor Emeritus, Fairleigh Dickinson University, and American-Croatian writer, is the author of the books: Colloqui con Guglielmo Ferrero, Capolago, 1939; Agonija Evrope [Agony of Europe], Belgrade, 1940 (this volume includes the author's conversations with Guglielmo Ferrerro, Benedetto Croce, Thomas Mann, Paul Valery, Miguel de Unamuno, Jose Ortega y Gasset, Maksim Gorki and others); Sredozemni povratak [Mediterranean Return], Munchen-Barcelona, 1971; Hrvatska 1945 [Croatia 1945] Munchen-Barcelona, 1974; and the autobiography Živjeti nedoživjeti [Live—not to Live Up], Munchen-Barcelona, 1983. The Journal of Croatian Studies published Raditsa's study "Risorgimento and the Croatian Question, Tommaseo and Kvaternik" (Vol. 5-6, 1964-65, p. 3-144) which was also published as a reprint. Raditsa contributed to numerous Croatian and Serbian periodicals published before World War II in Yugoslavia and during and after the war to American and Croatian language diaspora publications. These include Reader's Digest and others.


LAURENCE E. SCHMECKEBIER, Professor Emeritus of Fine Arts and former Dean of the School of Art, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, is the author of the book Ivan Meštrović, Sculptor and Patriot (Syracuse University Press, 1959). He is also the author of the books: Handbook of Italian Painting (1938), Modern Mexican Art (1939), John Steuart Curry's Pageant of America (1943), Appreciation of Art (1945), Art in Red Wing (1946), The Art of A. Henry Nordhausen (1980) and A New Handbook of Italian Renaissance (1981).


CHRISTOPHER SPALATIN, Professor Emeritus of modern languages. Studied at universities of Zagreb and Paris; received Ph.D. from the University of Zagreb in 1934. Taught at the universities of Zagreb, Rome and Naples, Iowa Wesleyan College and Marquette. Contributed to scholarly journals in English, French, Italian and Croatian. Associate editor of Croatia: Land, People, Culture published by the University of Toronto Press.


MARVIN TATUM is Humanities Librarian of the Cornell University Libraries. With his colleague Antun Nizeteo he has translated a number of prose and poetical texts from Croatian into English.


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