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Journal of Croatian Studies, XXIV, 1983, – Annual Review of the Croatian Academy of America, Inc. New York, N.Y., Electronic edition by Studia Croatica, by permission. All rights reserved by the Croatian Academy of America.

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This beauty rises, arching the unknown;

Here are new molds to hold the infinite—

Encarvened forces: Agony,—Love,—Might,—

Beatitude. These angels' wings are blown

Upward with windy fire; in some high zone

Their lids have closed on overwhelming light.

This Mother is Fulfilment; this contrite,

Adoring Magdalen is more than stone.


An eye, adventuring, has found new curves,

A symmetry enclosing star and sod;

Truth is a chisel in this hand she serves,

Scribing the separate symbols of the Whole:

Only the Lawgiver has looked on God,

But this man sees the outline of the soul.


New York, 1924