A small but active Croatian community in Hobbart, Tasmania, gathers together in a society and around soccer. They have a radio hour in Croatian, and they have their own spot on the International Wall of Friendship, which was opened in 1992. On the wall, on behalf of all nations, there are several original bricks taken from the birth house of Abel Tasman from the Netherlands, a seafarer who discovered Tasmania back in the 17th century. Of the 85 nations represented in Tasmania, 54 of them keep their symbols on the wall, and one such plate represents the Croatian community. A special place on the wall is taken up by a mural of Alan Mausel, titled Reaching Out. The Aboriginal community of Tasmania created its own section, called Welcome Sky, which represents their form of greeting.




Cro              matuni

On the left is the plate of the Croatian community, and on the right are the original bricks from the birth house of Abel Tasman from the Netherlands

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