On the Pacific, next to the coast in Washington State, Captain Charles Wilkes was caught in a large storm in 1840. In order to weather the storm, he hid his gig, a small ship, in a protected bay. Next year he drew a map for this location, and named the bay Gig Harbor.

Croatians came to the area later on, and married the native women, so their descendants were called Black Slavs.


Gig Harbor


The creation of the city of Gig Harbor can be attributed to the arrival of Dalmatian fisherman Samuel Jerisich in 1867. Today, in memory of its founder, the city of some 7,000 citizens is home to Jerisich Park. It is a large, green surface located by the sea, with benches and a playground for children, as well as a roofed pavilion for various cultural events. The park has a monument of a fisherman. Aside from Jerisich Park, there is also Skansie Brothers Park, name after the family that came over from the island of Brač.


Juresich park, spomenik ribaru                      Skansie B Park

On the left is the fisherman monument, and on the right is Skansie Brothers Park.