Meštrović’s works can be found all over America. It is logical that the largest collection is found in the Mestrovic Museum Notre Dame in Indiana, as that is where he lived and taught. The second largest collection in the United States is kept in the Louisiana Art and Science Museum (LAST) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. LAST is located in the historical building of what used to be a railway storehouse by the Mississippi river. The Mestrovic Gallery holds a special place in the museum, as a permanent collection of Meštrović’s works in the Bert S. Turner Family Atrium.


Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge, Louisiana and the LAST museum, where the Mestrovic Gallery is located.


In Louisiana, as well as other places in America, one can find old signs that bear witness to the arrival of Croatians to that area.


(photo courtesy of Vladimir Novak)