Even though it is a country which has no Croatians emigrants living in it, there is still a trace of Croatia to be found in Cuba, specifically on a postal stamp. The Cuban post office dedicated it to David Schwarz (1852 1897), who was a wood trader from Zrinjevac in Zagreb. Schwarz dabbled with mechanics in his spare time, in particular with the construction of an airship, a dirigible. He was the first person to use aluminum in its construction, which allowed him to construct a ship 40 meters in length, which only weighed 3.5 tons. His real innovation allowed the airship to be flown in any direction. A test flight was completed after Schwarz had died, at the Tempelhoff test range near Berlin. It was only partially successful, as one of the propellers stopped working during the flight, which meant that the ship had to make a forced landing, during which is crashed into the ground. The German Ferdinand von Zeppelin, who also built aircraft, bought all of the right to his designs from Schwarz's wife, and thus completed his own ships, the famous Zeppelins.[1]



A man from Zagreb on a postal stamp.



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