Tucuman is a northwestern province, whose capital city is San Miguel de Tucuman (or just Tucuman), the fifth largest in Argentina, with around 500,000 citizens. There are some Croatians living there, among whom Ljudevit Tušek is certainly worth mentioning, as he was made an honorary citizen of Argentina by the senate.


Tušek      Veterani i Tušek za ručkom

Ljudevit Tušek, and a lunch with Ljudevit Tušek, Hajduk’s veterans and Branka Bezić Filipović


The Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Croatia is active in Tucuman, with Catalina Lonac at its head. There is also an elementary school with the name Institutio Republica de Croacia, where class is taught in Spanish. Sadly, there is a very small number of students of Croatian descent there. Despite that, children there still learn about Croatia, and during a visit by the veterans of Hajduk, they performed a traditional dance from Split.






Splitski ples

A traditional dance from Split, at the Croatian school in Tucuman, for the veterans of Hajduk. From the left to the right: Ante Ivković and Dragan Holcer, Stanislav Bavčević (a sculptor), Goran Šušnjara, Catalina Lonac, Ljudevit Tušek, Petar Lovrić, Vilson Džoni, and Stipe Andrijašević