The Macedonian city of Bitola features both the Dalmatinska and Splitska street names, as well as Maršal Tito Street, which also contains a bust of Tito. It is located, by pure coincidence, in front of the headquarters of the ‘Marko Marulić’ Macedonian-Croatian society and Cultural Center, the president of which is currently Split’s own Branko Maretić. However, it seems that Tito is about to lose his street in Bitola, as there is a plan in place to have it renamed to Širok sokak, which makes a lot more sense given the pedestrian nature of the area.



Tito’s bust in Marshal Tito Street


Dalmatinska ulica Bitola          Untitled-2.jpg

Bitola, Dalmatinska and Splitska Street, in the 60ties (courtesy The Museum and Department of Bitola)